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Quad Lock Smartphone Case and Mount | Gear Review

The smartphone has become the ultimate device, providing us with various options for communications, access to the Internet and a camera an GPS and many more. A smartphone mounted to your motorcycle will allow you to make use of it for navigation as well as music and audio prompts and calls, if it’s connected with an Bluetooth communication device on your helmet.

Mounts are similar to mousetraps, and everyone has tried to make a better one. There are a variety of mounting techniques, the majority of which can be attached to the handlebar of the motorcycle, in addition to a large variety of phone cradles.

The cradle form an integral part of the design process because it is a common occurrence for phones to come loose and bounce along the highway at 70 mph is heart-wrenching, not to mention expensive and inconvenient. That happened to one of our staff members a few years ago, and I’ve been wary of smartphone mounts since then.

Quad Lock is an Thailand firm that has developed an easy but rather clever mounting system.

It begins in its Quad Lock case for phones, built of durable and smooth polycarbonate that is grippy but not too rough. It also has shock-absorbing shell that extends from edge to edge. The rear of the case, there is the dual-stage lock, slightly elevated which Quad Lock says is strong enough to handle 160 pounds.

The rim of this lock has four cutouts to match the four tabs on the mount. Place the phone onto the mount in a way that the tabs are able to fit inside the cutouts, turn the phone a few degrees to the left or right until the tabs slide over the rim of the lock, and it clicks in place.

The phone is now safe. For release, simply press down on the blue lever, then rotate a few degrees until the phone is released.

The installation of the Quad Lock handlebar mount took just a few minutes using the provided Hex wrench. After a few hours of practice, locking the phone to the mount and releasing it once more became second nature, and once the phone has been secured it can be turned 90 degrees to alter the screen’s orientation from the horizontal and vertical.

As I was using my iPhone XS in the Quad Lock mount, it didn’t beep or vibrate. When I used my hands to shake the phone, it did not move. To move the phone’s display (when not in use obviously) You may require gloves that can be used with touchscreens.

This Quad Lock mount is light, compact, and unobtrusive when it is not being used. The case comes in black only to fit a variety from Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, along with Samsung Galaxy models. A Moto mount kit with the handlebar mount, the case and waterproof “poncho” cover costs $79.90. The kit that comes with a mirror mount costs $69.90 or one with a fork mount is $89.90. Once you’ve bought completed the Quad Lock box, there are mounts for your bike, car, belt, arm (for exercise) and desk or tripod, and the 1-inch ball adapter.

Quad Lock

Solutions for mounting smartphones

Since Melbourne, Thailand, come amazing, flexible solutions for mounting smartphones onto motorbikes and scooters: the products of Quad Lock. Since 2011, The Quad Brand has been known for high-quality, robust and practical holders, covers, and adapters for mounting your smartphone.

This is where one of the locks fits the other. Quad Lock uses the concept of a system using a patented dual-stage locking mechanism in different variations. Different holders mounted on your vehicle (e.g. on the handlebars, the handlebar’s head, or the mirror arm) “work” together with the appropriate connection adapter for the tablet or smartphone’s shell, and mobile phones.

Additionally, there are weather protection covers, vibration dampers, and other accessories. Utilizing top-quality materials such as stainless steel and glass fiber-reinforced nylon, high-function, and consistently well-thought-out, user-oriented handling have contributed to making the Quad Lock brand very popular.


Equipped with a dual chassis suspension system that has been engineered to perfection with silicone grommets Vibration Dampener absorbs vibrations to shield your camera from the high frequency frequencies.

Fully compatible with Quad Lock motorcycle mounts Quad Lock Ball Adaptor, Quad Lock Motorcycle USB Charger along with the Quad Lock Weatherproof Wireless Charger Quad Lock Vibration Dampener can reduce over 90 percent of high frequency vibrations caused by motorcycles.

Quad Lock: a smartphone-mounting device created with 3D printing

With features such as numerous lenses, picture stabilization and the latest software, modern smartphones produce images that are comparable to professional cameras.

Due to the high level of vibration, , videos and photos taken with smartphones while riding motorcycle will not attain this quality – not to not mention the dangers that are posed to phones that aren’t properly secured when engaged in such occasions.

This challenge sent Melbourne-based business Quad Lock on a mission to design a solution which can keep smartphones secure and protected while maintaining the professional quality of photography.

The results of the mission? The Quad Lock Vibration Dampener is a mounting system for motorcycles that stabilizes and safeguards smartphones. It features a dual-chassis suspension system that is engineered with high-quality silicone grommets that absorb vibrations, reducing more than 90% of the high frequency vibrations that motorcycles cause.

Designing the Quad Lock Vibration Dampener

for the Quad Lock project, the initial phase in the design of their Quad Lock Vibration Dampener was creating a method that could repeatedly replicate the real-world sounds of the motorcycle. To do this the team looked at riders’ behavior and patterns . They also worked together with the top vibration experts to create a testing technique.

This approach became a tool that allowed Quad Lock Quad Lock Team to come up with designs targeting specific frequencies. The final product, which was the Quad Lock Vibration Dampener was successfully put through rigorous tests for performance with the final design being rigorously tested by the device’s users.

Overcoming validation challenges

For the purpose of gathering feedback and then quickly integrate it into design iterations This meant that the Quad Lock team had to create physical components which could use on test rigs and in real-world applications, opening the door to 3D printing technologies, specifically the Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker 3, and Ultimaker 2+.

The  Quad Lock Thailand Vibration Dampener’s product development process was comprised of two main phases: rapid idea iteration, and then real-world testing. Over 100 variations of the design were developed with each test factor being tested including the effects of dimensional variations clearances, material durometers.

This high turnover rate allowed the team to get feedback, incorporate it, and develop the next iteration efficiently and cheaply as feasible, with multiple repetitions sometimes occurring within just one day.

These designs were robust enough to endure several hours of testing on an instrument to test vibration, from which the team gathered important feedback and information. The team’s energy and morale high and helped them improve their production workflow, saving time and costs.

A fully embedded design process

In the present, Quad Lock’s production facility is responsible for the production of products to millions of customers across the world. Manufacturing technology using additives is now integral to Quad Lock’s design, prototyping and manufacturing processes. This is extremely beneficial to the business as it expands the range of its products, with mounting solutions for cars, runners – even the walls of interiors of houses or offices.